Talent Management

Whilst Talent Management is a relatively new term, the concept of managing talent is not. During this session, we look at the whole range of Talent Management opportunities which lay ahead and seek to help Group Talent Directors drive the Talent process in their business.

Over the years we have taken a step back from the constant 'War for Talent' debate and asked the group to challenge their existing views and the views passed to us by academics and professionals alike. This often leads us to deeper discussions around the role that 'Talent Management' really plays in a business and moreover in the lives of those variously described as Talent (and non-Talent).

This is a two-day conference on Corporate Talent Management - with a difference. We bring together just 40 participants who are the Head of Talent Management / VP/Director of an organisation with an average of 100,000 employees. This event focusses on engaging this peer group in discussions about the future, not the past. We look to challenge existing talent paradigms, to challenge the participants' own thinking and develop new ideas through conversation.