iVentiv Virtual Knowledge Exchanges

iVentiv has been in the events business for 12 years now.  Our fundamental recipe is to bring together the most senior functional heads, be that for HR, L&D, Legal, Procurement or any other function.  We then engage this group in a discussion around the current and future for their function.  Our average event score, which now exceeds 92%, comes from our selection criteria (global function head, average company size 100,000 employees) and small group size (maximum 40 participants). Our unique design then brings this group together through our unique blend of collaborative cafes, pre-mortems, fishbowls, peer-consulting, breakout discussions and hackathons. 

Due largely to the global mobility challenge created by the coronavirus, we rapidly adapted our physical events into the virtual world.  In doing this we looked at our core operating principles, success factors and guiding mission statement.  This has led to us adopting Adobe Connect as our virtual platform of choice, due largely to the ability to split the group down into breakout discussions and sub-groups.  We have then utilised MeetingOne (through long-time friend of iVentiv, David Smith) and the excellent AudioOne telephony solution to provide a more stable, crisp audio bridge than the VOIP alternative.  This setup has enabled us to focus on the peer connection and conversation for which we have become so well known in the industry.

I would encourage you to register for one of our upcoming virtual sessions to experience the unique iVentiv Virtual Knowledge Exchange platform for yourself and if you would like further details please contact us