iVentiv Covid-19 Policy


iVentiv is excited to return to regular in-person events again in locations around the world in 2022. To ensure the safety of everyone in attendance, we will closely monitor and abide by the rules and recommendations of the host country and venue, in addition to further measures to ensure that you can learn, connect and develop safely.


iVentiv will only send staff to events who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. We will not ask you for a ‘vaccine passport’ to attend, but this or proof of a negative test may be required by the host venue or by local regulations and we strongly advise you to self-test where possible, especially if you are displaying symptoms. 

If you are required to self-test or provide proof of vaccination prior to an event, we will highlight this to you prior to the event. 

Masks and Social Distancing

iVentiv can provide you with facemasks and hand sanitizer during the event if desired. The exact measures for each event will vary depending on location, but if you have any questions at all please contact [email protected]