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Why are CLOs Making Leadership a Top Priority for Learning & Development?

Leadership in action at an iVentiv event

Leadership is more than just a job title. Leadership is about the behaviours a person displays and the actions they inspire. Often, the most effective leaders – certainly from the perspective of L&D teams – are those who are always seeking to learn, develop and grow themselves. In this blog, we explore some of the key questions that Chief Learning Officers are asking about leadership, and highlight some of the methods L&D leaders have adopted to help develop better leadership skills across the organisation.

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Leadership from the Dance Floor to the Balcony | Marianne Schenk, Global Head of Leadership Development, Julius Baer

Marianne Scehnk facing the camera, alongside the text Leadership from the Dance Floor to the Balcony

Marianne Schenk, Global Head of Leadership Development at Julius Baer, shares her insights on the importance of adaptability and reflection in effective leadership. Marianne discussed the idea being on a "dance floor" versus viewing from the "balcony." Marianne Schenk is Managing Director, Senior Advisor, Global Head Leadership Development at Julius Baer and a Senior Organisational Change expert with a global portfolio. Read more and watch the full interview here.

Reflections on Leadership and GE Crotonville | Doug Scott and Jay Moore

Doug Scott and Jay Moore

Doug Scott, the former leader of Executive Leadership at GE, and Jay Moore, the Global Learning & Culture Leader at GE Crotonville, spoke with iVentiv about GE’s Corporate University campus at Crotonville, its history, and significance. The two experts shared their experiences and insights on leadership development, the role of emotional intelligence, and the importance of trust in building a culture of collaboration. Read more and watch the full interview here.

Why is Coaching a Priority for Talent and Learning Executives? 

Coaching in action at an iVentiv event

Jay Moore, Global Learning and Culture Leader, GE references the importance of coaching at GE, how the company ‘spends a great deal of time with our most senior leaders for them to be better coaches’ and how it ‘continues to be a needed and necessary skill for leaders’. In essence, it is the tailored approach to development that coaching offers, that can help executives improve their leadership skills and achieve their goals, making it an attractive option for learning, talent, and leadership executives to invest in. Read more here 

Adeline Looi, The Nestlé Global Leadership Development Framework

Adeline Looi, Global Head of Integrated Leadership Development at Nestlé on Leadership, Self-Reflection, and Curiosity

Adeline Looi, Global Head of Integrated Leadership Development at Nestlé is responsible for helping 30,000 people leaders and 273,000 full-time employees in over 180 countries grow in leadership. Speaking to iVentiv’s Temi Bamgboye, Adeline discusses about the Nestlé Leadership Framework, her own philosophy on leadership, and why it is that fewer people now want to be leaders. Watch the full interview.

Why are Global Heads of Learning, Talent, and Leadership focussing on DEIB and what are they doing about it?

A diverse group of business leaders

Employees should be more than satisfied, they should thrive. Increasingly, CxOs see their success with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) as key to achieving that.

In 2022, 21% of the Global Heads of L&D, Talent Management, and Executive Development who attended iVentiv events selected DEIB as one of their priorities. This is one part of HR’s wide range of priorities, but more and more leaders in learning and talent are looking to make DEIB a key part of what makes them successful going forward. Read more about why and how leaders are incorporating DEIB into their HR strategies here.

Phil Rhodes (WM) on Skills, AI, and Measuring L&D’s Impact on Business Outcomes

Phil Rhodes, WM, with the title Sklls, AI, and Measuring L&D's Impact on Business Outcomes

Phil Rhodes is the Head of Learning and Leadership Development at  WM, the largest environmental services company in North America, and is a frequent conference keynote speaker on topics ranging from organizational effectiveness, leadership development, change management, and learning trends. He has specific expertise in crafting dynamic Learning and Development (L&D) solutions that enable data-driven decision-making and help employees reach their full potential. Ahead of his breakout session at Learning Futures New York, Phil blogged for iVentiv sharing his perspectives on the trends shaping L&D. Phil writes about skills, partnering with business functions, making the most of AI, and measuring the impact of L&D on business outcomes. Read the full blog here.

What are the biggest priorities for Chief Learning and Talent officers?

The front cover of the iVentiv Pulse 2022 Review

What are the priorities driving global Heads of Learning, Talent, and Leadership? Before every iVentiv event, we ask you to tell us what areas you’re focusing on, and what questions you want to ask your fellow participants. We’ve pulled together those responses into a report summarising the big themes and key questions driving HR as we head into 2023. This blog summarises the key takeaways, and the full report includes commentary from experts in learning, talent, and leadership.

Nataliia Gorbenko, What opportunities does Ukrainian talent present?

Nataliia Gorbenko, Global Head of Talent, Performance and Rewards Management, Luxoft

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, corporations have taken a range of steps to support Ukrainian employees and customers. Speaking to iVentiv ahead of her session at Talent Management Zurich in October 2022, Nataliia Gorbenko, Global Head of Talent, Performance and Rewards Management at Luxoft, spoke about how businesses have the opportunity to support Ukrainian talent with real benefits to both parties. Read more and watch the full interview here.

Uli Heitzlhofer, How do you make hybrid working inclusive?

Uli Heitzlhofer, Lyft, explains that organisations need to trust their employees to work well in a hybrid model

Ahead of his session on hybrid working and exclusivity at iVentiv's Learning Futures California in 2022, Uli Heitzlhofer, Director of People Learning & Development at Lyft, gives a preview of the topics he plans to cover in this short interview.

Uli discussed the pivot to a hybrid model of work and the opportunities and challenges that presents for leadership, for new employees, and for the business. Read more and watch the full interview with Uli to hear about how Lyft made the transition to a fully hybrid model.

Matt Smith, Former Chief Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company

Matt Smith, former CLO at McKinsey, speaks to iVentiv's Temi B

Matt Smith is an Executive Coach, Leadership Advisory, and former Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Company. Speaking to iVentiv's Temi B, Matt discussed the habits that make a successful learner, techniques for developing intentional learning, plus ideas to help CLOs work with business leaders. For Chief Learning Officers, these are perennial questions, but Matt says they are tractable ones as well. To find out more about Matt's tips for creating a culture of intentional learning, read and watch the full interview.

Why do Global Heads of Learning, Talent, and Leadership offer to host iVentiv at their corporate offices?

Russell Butler and Jay Moore smile next to the LinkedIn logo at iVentiv’s Learning Futures NewYork 2022

iVentiv events are all about community and collaboration. By bringing together senior executives from global companies to share knowledge, iVentiv provides the platform for you to connect with peers in the same roles and take away new ideas that make a real business impact. Over the years, we have been very fortunate to bring that conversation to some of the world’s most iconic corporate venues.

Corporate hosts enhance the iVentiv experience by providing inspiring spaces to connect and develop. A fresh environment and a different business culture helps participants think about their challenges in new ways. In short, hosts inspire the iVentiv community to experiment, innovate, and do more. Find out more about hosting iVentiv here.

10 Tips for Networking with Decision-Makers at Events and Conferences as a HR Vendor

Two women in conversation at an iVentiv event

Events, conferences, expos, seminars. Whatever you want to call them. Attending is one of the best ways to meet decision-makers in big companies and do some networking, whether that’s Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Talent, or Executive Development leaders.

But there are a lot of events out there, and making the most of them is tough. To get started, read iVentiv's top ten tips for networking with decision-makers at events and conferences.

Derek Bruce, DSM | Interview

Derek Bruce, DSM, speaks to iVentiv's Temi B

Leadership is about so much more than KPIs and performance.

Derek Bruce has recently joined DSM as Global Lead, Performance Management and Learning Strategy. In this interview with iVentiv, he talks about the skills that leaders need in 2022 to make sure they can support individuals in the way they bring themselves to work. He talks about mindfulness, succession development, and especially purpose. These are the skills that Derek says are going to be especially important going forward, and in the full interview he gives his advice on how to go about it.

Five Minutes with Theresa Cook - TikTok's Winning Culture

Theresa Cook, TikTok, speaks to iVentiv and smiles

On 1 December 2021, Theresa Cook, EMEA Talent Development Head for TikTok and ByteDance, and her team attended a Town Hall where they were told that the talent development global function was being made redundant.

"Now, in any organisation that is quite a shock," Theresa recalls, "however, in a startup organisation, which I did sign up for, I also knew that these are the kind of things that might potentially happen."

Find out more about how Theresa lept into action.

Five Minutes with Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard arrives for an iVentiv event

Skills, reskilling and upskilling are high on the CLO agenda right now. Peter Sheppard is Head of Global L&D Ecosystem at Ericsson. In this video, he talks about how to demonstrate the value of skills in your organisation and how to tie your reskilling efforts to key business goals. Watch and read the full interview here.

Five Minutes with Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings speaks at an iVentiv event

In the first of iVentiv’s ‘Five minutes with’ series, Charles Jennings, Co-Founder of the 70:20:10 Institute and a member of the iVentiv Advisory Board, spoke about the key skills and challenges that CLOs need to focus on right now. Charles shares his insights and ideas on how CLOs can build communities to manage change. Watch the full video to find out more.

Gorana Sandric, The Energy of Words

Gorana Sandric, seated, smiles to the camera

Gorana Sandric is the former Head of Group Talent Development for the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company and a HR Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach. In this blog, she reflects on some of her main takeaways from iVentiv's Talent Management Europe Virtual Knowledge Exchange. Read the full blog to find out more.