Learning Futures Europe

Over the past five years this event has evolved and changed. Originally we focused on learning technologies and discussed the new technologies which were impacting corporate L&D. However as technology has become a reality with learning apps, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook all part of our daily routine, the conversation has moved on to ask what does the future of corporate learning really look like?

To answer this question we need to start by looking at the organisation of the future and to discuss the trends and developments which will shape this future organisation. We then need to ask how learning will fit into the future organisation? Will L&D remain a centralised function or is it time to empower the regions as we move to decentralised models or even further, to pass responsibility to the individual? This session will provide the opportunity for learning leaders to come together and map out this future learning landscape.

This is a two day conference on Corporate Learning & Development - with a difference. There are just 40 participants who are the L&D VP/Director of an organisation with an average of 100,000 employees. This event focusses on engaging this peer group in discussions about the future not the past. We look to challenge existing learning paradigms, to challenge the participants' own thinking and develop new ideas through conversation.