Talent Management Europe, Virtual Knowledge Exchange

14 Sep 2022 to 15 Sep 2022
Online 9am-12pm CEST

This unique iVentiv session will be focused on Talent Management. We first delivered an Talent Management conversation in 2010 and in each subsequent year we have moved the conversation forward. Participants will be responsible for Talent Management at leading multinational organisations. As always, iVentiv will focus on building an interactive environment for this group to learn, connect and develop from each other.

Chair: Priya Shahane | Former Global Head of Executive Talent & Career Management, AXA

iVentiv emerged in 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, as a platform for those who lead a global corporate function (CxOs) to come together and discuss the future for their function at a time of extraordinary change. Over the years we have carved out a niche market where our unique selling point is the highly experiential and interactive session design coupled with the seniority (CxOs) and scope (average 100,000 employees) of our participant group.

Over the past 14 years iVentiv has delivered 200+ in-person and virtual events, with our all-time average event score remaining above 90%. Over half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies regularly join us, and our partners are award-winning disruptors in the industry.

As always, with the fantastic support of our sponsors, Chief Talent Officers/Global Heads of Talent Management can join us for free. Register today to join the conversation.

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