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Question: Are the events in the same location every year?

No, iVentiv has a core group of topics that are covered on an annual basis however the venue location changes from year to year.

Question: Do you cover my travel costs to join the event?

Registration for iVentiv events is free (for VP/Directors) however, we do not cover travel or accommodation costs. We negotiate a special rate with all of our event venues which is available to all of our participants and will be shared with you upon registration.

Question: How many people attend an event?

iVentiv runs boutique events which are attended by a maximum of 40 executive level participants. Free places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Question: How much does it cost to attend an iVentiv Exchange?

iVentiv events are free for VP/Director level executives from companies with 10,000 or more employees. All registrations are subject to iVentiv approval.

Question: I have been invited to an iVentiv event but cannot attend, can I extend the invitation to a colleague or peer?

As long as your colleague/peer fit the profile of VP/Director level executive we would be more than happy for them to join.

Question: I have specific topics I would like to see covered at the event, is it possible to contribute?

Yes, we send all participants a series of pre-event questions and use the responses to help define the topics to be discussed. There are also opportunities throughout the event to put forward additional topics, or to pick out emergent topics which you would like to discuss.

Question: Tell me more about the 1-2-1 meetings

Every iVentiv event is free to attend thanks to the support of our trusted event partners. Those partners and their representatives are carefully selected to bring real value and relevant expertise to the conversation.

When you attend, you may have 1-2-1 networking sessions scheduled with our partners, giving you both the opportunity to make connections and understand more about one another’s work in a friendly and informal setting. You will have the chance to indicate the partners you would most like to meet.

The overwhelming majority of attendees at iVentiv events find the sessions useful, and many go on to forge long and profitable relationships from connections made at an iVentiv event. You will attend a maximum of two or three 1-2-1 sessions in a day. If you do have any questions at all, please contact a member of the iVentiv team.

Question: Who attends iVentiv's events?

iVentiv events are designed for VP/Director level executives from companies with greater than 10,000 employees based in corporate headquarters and having global/regional responsibility for Talent or Learning & Development. If you’re not sure you fit this category but would still like to attend please contact iVentiv directly on 0044 (0) 1926 800236.

Question: Why have I not heard of iVentiv before?

iVentiv is a niche company, unless you are a Chief Learning (Talent) Officer it is quite likely that you will not have heard about us. We do not actively market ourselves, instead we grow through word of mouth and through direct contact with our specific participant group.

Question: Why should I join an iVentiv session?

If you fit our target profile you will find an iVentiv session to be the best event in this space. We share feedback from all of our past events, so please have a browse and review the feedback from your peer group. With an all-time average event score in excess of 90% we are not aware of another business in our market which comes close.