Who We Are: Celebrating iVentiv's Global L&D Community

iVentiv have been bringing you together to innovate and problem-solve on your biggest problems for over 15 years. In this blog, we want to take some time to reflect on the global community that join us time and again, in incredible spaces around the globe. Most importantly, we wanted to reflect on why we do what we do, and how our events bring you together with your peers for a truly unique experience.

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What makes iVentiv events different?

When you attend large conferences, filled with hundreds of people of varying seniority, and are packed into halls to sit and listen to presentation after presentation, do you feel like this is truly the most effective way to learn?

We didn’t think so.

In 2008, Russell Butler, CEO and Founder of iVentiv, built a company designed to break away from the traditional death-by-PowerPoint conference format, and create events that focussed on connection, peer-to-peer discussion, and collaboration to truly drive learning.   

Every iVentiv event is built around interactivity. In place of endless PowerPoints, an iVentiv Knowledge Exchange puts you in conversation with peers for meaningful collaboration. Instead of crammed exhibition halls, you’ll go in-depth with an exclusive group of no more than 40 senior executives to talk about challenges that matter the most to you.

And you’ll walk away, not only having learnt a few things, but having made new connections and friends too.

A Finger on the Pulse of Global L&D, Talent, and Leadership Trends

From San Francisco to Singapore, Australia to the UK, France to Dubai, iVentiv is a truly global community with a footprint that spans four continents, and 20+ countries, bringing together CLOs from some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies.

Since 2008, iVentiv has welcomed over half of the Forbes Global 2000, catering to over 500 of those organisations in 2023 alone. Almost 21 million employees have been represented in the last year at iVentiv events, from organisations including Prada, GE, Burberry, Shell, Standard Chartered, Citi, Frasers Group, Tesco, The Kraft Heinz Company, and more. 

Each of the Global Heads, VPs, and Directors who have come together over the last 15 years has shared similar challenges, dealing with many of the same roadblocks, and operating with the same large-scale, long-term lens, often without even realising it. 

Having your input when designing iVentiv events is what makes the learning outcomes truly impactful. To make sure we have our finger on the pulse of learning trends, we put together the iVentiv Pulse Report, gleaning insights and fresh perspectives in the world of L&D from leading experts in the field.

In the iVentiv Pulse Report we’ve brought together the views of 824 Global Heads of L&D, Talent, and Executive Development to understand the key trends and priorities that are driving Learning and Talent in 2024. This data suggests that there are a few things at the top of your list when considering whether or not an event or conference is worth your time. What ranked topmost was the quality of idea exchange; 97% of you said you want to ensure you walk away with new implementable ideas for your organisations, and by bringing you together to collaborate on key issues, you were able to walk away having gained real insight to help propel your L&D and Talent functions forward.

A Global Community of L&D Leaders from the World’s Best-Known Companies

The global community that we’ve been building over the past 15 years has given us the unique opportunity to bring together insights, expertise, and experience from Global Heads at some of the world’s leading organisations. We’ve been able to gather the iVentiv community both in-person and across the ether through our virtual event offerings. Assembling this global audience from a wealth of backgrounds means our events are able to transcend the standard corporate conference.

In 2023, we were hosted by Citi – the fourth largest bank in the US - in New York. Joining us for those two days were Global Heads of Learning from industries spanning, not only banks, but retail, manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction and more. Bringing together this varied group means that conversations were rich, engaging, and offered fresh perspectives that may not have previously been considered between industries. Shared challenges, and reciprocal knowledge exchange helped to challenge the status quo and drive innovation. 

The variety of industries collaborating through iVentiv’s mix of workshops, peer coaching, and breakout conversations gives you a better chance to think about ideas and innovations in new ways. VR in the workplace, for example, has been used by the aviation industry for years in flight simulations, but corporate L&D teams are utilising the technology more and more in technical, onboarding, and leadership training. The iVentiv format makes this kind of cross-industry idea sharing easier and more meaningful. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Speaking about Learning Futures New York in 2023, the Global Director of Learning and Development at Burberry said: “I was challenged to think differently, and bigger. I was exposed to brave new ideas and technology. I shared and commiserated with others on the challenges we all face in this space. Oh yes, and I had fun making new friends along the way!”

Another crucial advantage to bringing different industries together is also the understanding that, regardless of which industry you belong to, whether it be retail or construction, the key aims remain the same. Our data suggests that throughout 2023, leadership and executive development (53%), and reskilling and upskilling (45%) remained the topmost topics on the minds of the Talent, L&D, and Leadership Heads who join our events. The variation of learning application and innovations across industries could be instrumental in furthering the progress for you and your peers. 

Big Brands Hosts Driving L&D Forward

Over the years, iVentiv has built solid relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands, with experts including Jay Moore (CLO, GE), Charles Jennings (Co-Founder, 70:20:10 Institute), Marianne Schenk (MD, global Head of Leadership Development, Julius Baer), Prof. Nick van Dam (Former CLO, McKinsey & Co.), and Laureen Rwatirera (CLO, ASML), joining us to lead the conversations.

Some of these brands have even hosted the iVentiv community at their headquarters. We have had the pleasure of bringing you together in a plethora of amazing spaces – from the McDonald’s Hamburger University in Chicago, to Zendesk and Diageo in Dublin, Toyota in Texas, and Cognizant in India. Each space held its own unique magic that made those events impossible to forget. 

To take one example, in 2018 Learning Futures Chicao took place at the McDonald’s Hamburger University, courtesy of then CLO Rob Lauber. At the time, the iVentiv cohort was the first group to be welcomed in since the facility opened. This was a chance to see innovation take physical form; from the design of the building itself, to its immersive history and glass cabinets filled with happy meal toys of old, to the conversations led by Event Chair Kimo Kippen, and speakers that included Kevin Oakes (i4cp), Jay Moore (CLO, GE), and Shelley Longo (Cardinal Health). 

But what does it mean to be a Host? For Martin Caine, “being a host allows you to bring together the ever-growing iVentiv family, to network, and deliberate […] in a dedicated space where fun and great conversation were had.” Bringing Global Heads together in similarly incredible locations all over the world enriches conversation and encourages an openness of conversation.

In 2024, we’ll be taking the conversation to brand new locations, including the HQs of Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, Ericsson, Ubisoft, Majid Al Futtaim, and USC Marshall Business School.   

Connection, Community, and Collaboration 

The close relationships that the Global Leaders in L&D, Talent, and Leadership who attend iVentiv events build with one another mean that every iVentiv event is a chance to understand the spectrum of ideas and connect with experts who are driving the industry forward.  

This is an endeavour that united the whole iVentiv community. When talking about the connections she made with learning and talent providers at our events, the Senior Director of Learning and Development at Prada said she appreciated “the fresh approach to bringing learning professionals together to learn, ideate and reflect while also having time to connect with vendors based on our interests and needs!” 

iVentiv events provide the ideal platform for honest, open conversations between LXPs, business schools, e-learning providers, and corporate clients in a way that aims to drive the whole industry forward.