Sponsorship Availability 2022

iVentiv's initial 2022 plan is outlined below. This will be updated and modified based on the evolving global situation. We have a hybrid plan as we will look to bring back some in-person events for 2022 when safe to do so.

As always, iVentiv sponsorship spaces tends to sell out some way in advance so please check this page to see our provisional schedule and sponsorship availability for 2022. Plenary and Business Development Packages all include 1-2-1 meetings. Virtual Plenary Packages also include a 30 minute speaking input (60m for in-person sessions). As a general rule, iVentiv virtual sessions have two plenary and four business development packages available, whilst in-person sessions have three plenary and six business development spaces each. For further details please contact us

HR Virtual Knowledge Exchanges:

  1. Executive Development Europe, 18-19 January, EU
  2. Talent Management Europe, 18-19 January, EU
  3. Learning Futures Europe, 25-26 January, EU
  4. Learning Futures USA, 8-9 February, USA
  5. Talent Management USA, 22-23 February, USA
  6. Learning Futures Australasia, 15-16 March, AU
  7. Talent Management Europe, 22-23 March, EU
  8. Learning Futures Europe, 10-11 May, EU
  9. Talent Management Europe, 17-18 May, EU
  10. Talent Management USA, 18-19 May, USA
  11. Executive Development Europe, 14-15 June, EU
  12. Learning Futures USA, 21-22 June, USA
  13. Learning Futures Europe, 5-6 July, EU
  14. Talent Management Europe, 14-15 September, EU
  15. Talent Management USA, 18-19 October, USA
  16. Learning Futures USA, 15-16 November, USA

HR Executive Knowledge Exchanges (in-person, TBC):

  1. Learning Futures New York, 8-9 March, USA
  2. Executive Development London, 22-23 March, UK
  3. Learning Futures London, 26-27 April, UK
  4. Learning Futures Copenhagen, 10-11 May, DK
  5. Learning Futures Chicago, 7-8 June, USA
  6. Learning Futures Amsterdam, 7-8 June, NL
  7. Learning Futures California, 23-24 August, USA
  8. Learning Futures London, 13-14 September, UK
  9. Learning Futures Paris, 27-28 September, FR
  10. Executive Development London, 27-28 September, UK 
  11. Learning Futures Texas, 4-5 October, USA
  12. Talent Management Zurich, 4-5 October, CH
  13. Learning Futures Basel, 18-19 October, CH
  14. Learning Futures New York, 18-19 October, USA
  15. Executive Development Amsterdam, 1-2 November, NL
  16. Talent Management London, 8-9 November, UK
  17. Learning Futures London, 29-30 November, UK
  18. Learning Futures Dubai, 6-7 December, UAE