iVentiv - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Last Updated 19/03/20

iVentiv sessions postponed:
Learning Futures Berlin, 24-25 March (new date TBC, June or September 2020)
Executive Development London, 24-25 March (new date 22-23 June 2020, London)
Learning Futures London, 28-29 April 2020, UK (new date 24-25 June 2020, London)
Learning Futures Madrid, 28-29 April 2020, ESP (new date TBC soon)
General Counsel London, 28-29 April 2020, UK  (new date 30 June - 1 July 2020, London)
General Counsel New York, 12-13 May 2020, USA (new date 16-17 September 2020, New York)
Learning Futures Copenhagen, 19-20 May 2020, DK (new date 17-18 November 2020, Copenhagen)

At iVentiv, we are constantly monitoring government and World Health Organization (WHO) advice across the territories in which we run our events.  As a result we have decided to postpone (not cancel) some sessions, detailed above.  We will continue to monitor advice to ensure our events are delivered safely and to the quality you have become accustomed.

We have also tasked the iVentiv team with adapting our market leading event format into a virtual environment and we aim to have our first virtual 'iVentiv session' ready this month.  We will aim to run virtual sessions for all of our core groups and markets in the interim before we are safely able to run our face-to-face sessions once more.  We currently anticipate the resumption of the iVentiv Executive Knowledge Exchange sessions in June 2020, but will monitor guidance closely. 

Beyond our own updates, iVentiv advises all 2020 participants to adhere to government advice.

For any sessions we do run, We have confirmed with our host venues and hotels that additional cleaning procedures will be in place along with the provision of hand sanitisers and monitoring of hotel guests.

We will continue to monitor the situation as the health and wellbeing of our participants is our no.1 concern and will let you know if anything changes.

If you have any questions please do contact us: https://iventiv.com/contact-us 

Please continue to follow World Health Organization (WHO) guidance.

For our sessions hosted at Clifford Chance the following guidance has also been issued:

Clifford Chance is monitoring carefully the situation regarding the Coronavirus. Due to recent developments, and reflecting the latest official advice and guidance, Clifford Chance ask that you do not to attend our events if you have visited a high risk area (as listed on the [relevant] Government website), or been in contact with someone who has been to one of these locations, or if you have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of the Coronavirus, in the 14 days before the event.  For the sake of clarity, this applies even if you have no flu-like symptoms.  
Please inform us as soon as possible if these restrictions will affect your attendance.  
We hope that you understand this precautionary measure and thank you for your assistance.